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Fuzbi is a video game design, marketing and strategic services consulting firm, founded by David Edery in 2009. Fuzbi’s focus is squarely on online and digitally-distributed games of all kinds, including PC-based, web-based, console, mobile, etc. Fuzbi also specializes in so-called “serious games,” especially those related to corporate purposes such as advertising, employee training, and productivity enhancement.

About David:

David Edery is the founder of Fuzbi and co-founder of Spry Fox, an award-winning game development studio. Prior to founding Fuzbi, David was the Worldwide Games Portfolio Manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service, and before that, the Associate Director for Special Projects for the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program.

David is also the co-author of Changing the Game: How Video Games are Transforming the Future of Business – a review of the ways that games are helping companies to connect with customers, to attract, train, and motivate employees, and to change the way they do business in general. Notable press reviews can be found here.

David received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He maintains a popular blog called Game Tycoon in his “spare” time.

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